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Travel in Europe



So I know these posts come up here quite often (I think Bonez had one), but I really find these threads to be entertaining and informative. And for once it applies to me!

Anwyay, I have my ticket and will be flying into Frankfort, Germany. I have a friend living there and I also have a friend in Luxembourg we are going to drop by, so I have 2 places to stay. The trip is 20 days long.

I am going with a buddy of mine, and we are looking for some awesome things to do. I know we plan on hitting up Amsterdam jsut to see what all the fuss is about. For reference, I have been to Munich, Vienna, Lucern, Innsbrook, and a few other places I cant quite remember off the top of my head. (I would not mind going back to Munich either- I am of German descent and that place was sick)

Anyway, after the flight and everything, I have a little over $1k to spend, but more if absolutely necessary.

So I send this out to you all in hopes that T-Nation can hook it up. And because TTIWWP, I have attached one for the hell of it.


I will most definitely head to Munich as it is Oktoberfest right when I arrive. Also, my main areas of interest would be along the lines of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, etc...


If you can find a car worth driving i'd be tempted to go to the Nurburgring, just first thing that came to mind in that area.


Go to Slovakia. Dirt cheap, nice weather, amazing girls and good beer.


If you are staying in Luxembourg, you can take the Euro Rail for cheap and go anywhere. Those trains are both very nice, and efficient. I was on one going from Amsterdam to Paris and it broke down in Brussels. We got off the train and stepped right onto another one and kept going. No delays at all. I would hit up Oktoberfest if you can make it, you are really well centered and can go anywhere.


I have not shot this idea off my friend or anything, but looking at our "mandatory" places of Amsterdam, Luxembourg, and Munich (for Oktoberfest), I think if we went in a circle- Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin to Amsterdam to Luxembourg, back to Frankfurt. Nurmberg is on the way between Luxembourg and Frankfurt too.

I havent heard to many great things about Berlin tho. We are pretty much looking to get wild and crazy (no drugs for me tho). What you all think of something along those lines? Maybe change up some cities or something tho...

I think Slovakia might be too far out of the way. I will look into the train tho. We might have a car for the duration of our trip, but at the very least we have it in Frankfurt.

Hookers and Absinte FTW!


If you want crazy in Germany you want to go to Hamburg. Can't say enough good things about Bratislava, Slovakia. Czech Repbulic is great but a bit overtouristed these days, Belgium has great beer and cool places to visit. There are some fun places in Poland and Hungry as well.


If by any impossible chance you swing to Croatia, come to Slavonia, you have a beer and a place to stay.

Underage girls also if it's your cup of tea.


..enjoy your stay, and if you like a guided tour of Amsterdam, just send a PM!


Don't encourage Chesterism dude.


Thanks guys, this is looking to be an awesome trip. I am scavenging up some more money so I dont have to be so cheap. I appreciate all the advice.

Maximus, we did a rough pricing of the Eurorail for the places we are going. Since we are still considered "youth" there (under 26!), it will come to like 300-400. Not too bad I guess.

Matko5, I really appreciate you opening up your home for my friend and I. I dont think we will be making it out in that direction, but I will let you know if we do. Thanks again.

Cockney Blue, I will take a look into Hamburg. Maybe a better option than Berlin. How long do you think it would take the train to travel from Munich area to Hamburg?


This site is good for checking out schedules:


Munich - Hamburg: upwards of six hours. If you buy a pass, check that it's valid for the trains you want to use. Some of the better trains require you to pay a supplement, or make a compulsory reservation.


I can attest to this being a good tour! :wink:

I don't have much else to suggest, but as already mentioned, if you do pass through London you're more than welcome to lodge at my flat for a day or 2.


Alright thanks everyone.

3 days til I fly out. Completely stoked for this trip. But I dont think I will make it out to London either.

Eurorail is going to run me like $268. I think we might make the trip to Hamburg instead of Berlin but I wont know til I get over there.

I might do a little excerpt from the trip on here when I get back. If I remember anything... haha