Travel for Work, Full-Body Routine to Work Off Fat?

I’m a federal worker who is gone 3 weeks a month working. So I stay in hotels (which usually have an aweful gym, if one at all) for 3 weeks a month. I have light, medium, andheavy resistance bands. Also a 24lb plate carrier and 2 62lb kettle bells. I’m looking for a fullbody workout I can do 4 or 5 times a week primarily to shred fat off of my body. You know, mean and lean body. I’m 230lbs 6’1, stocky build, more muscle than the average 30yo dude. I do workout with bands almost daily theblast year but I’m kind of just pissin in the wind with my routine. Please, if you have anything to help my goals feel free to share!!

Not a routine per se, but with those KBs and some bodyweight work, you’ll be able to get in some brutal conditioning. Take a look through @T3hPwnisher and @ChongLordUno ’s logs to get an idea what I mean. That’ll definitely help with the non-diet part of your goals.


You will have a very bad time if you try to WORK OFF fat.
The deficit in a diet will contribute to 90% of fatloss. Trying to outwork it means you will spend hours and hours in training. Some 60mins of exercise unless its like pro football game, will burn probably like half a snickers bar or 250-300 kcals. Not worth the time.


I recommend you ask coach Dr Darden this question in his forum, as he has extensive experience in this field. His 30-10-30 high intensity technique featured in the “Killing Fat” is appearantly working for weight loss. You could use some advice re adjusting the program to resistance bands though, as well as how often to train. @Ellington_Darden

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Thanks for the input man, much appreciated. Say my goal is to get to 195lbs and 12% body fat. What would you recommend my target caloric intake be?

Of course managing the calories is important for fat loss, but you can also train in a way that burns calories too.

Think about some PHA (peripheral heart action) training. It’s like circuit training where you alternate upper body and lower body moves. The idea is to keep rotating the moves around so you keep moving without getting so fatigued you have to stop.

it could be like

Some kind of squatting move. Maybe kettlbell squat x 10 reps

Some kind of pulling move. Maybe KB row x 10 reps

Some Hinge. Maybe KB stiff leg dead x 10 reps

Some Push. Maybe KB press x 10 reps

One lift after the other, then repeating the circuit 3-5 times.

Another one could be

Band resisted pushups
Band Pull aparts
Band Goodmornings

To make the circuits longer you can add an Ab move (flutter kicks, sidebends, standing knee raise, pallof press, ect) into the middle.

Or maybe you could add some isolation stuff like band tricep pushdowns or calf raises to get the circuits up to 6 moves.

The plate carrier is like a weight vest? It would be easy to come up with a circuit wearing that for variety.


I don’t know to what kind of places you travel, but you should check out getting an Active and Fit Direct membership. It is $25 per month and you can use it at literally thousands of gyms across the country. Your health plan at work will likely make you eligible (you may even get a free membership) or if that doesn’t you can also get in through AAA. I travel a good bit for work too and have used the heck out of my membership.


Appreciate the tag. Kept forgetting to come back to this. Hotel gyms, plate carrier, bands AND 62lb bells is spoiled, haha.

If nothing else, start with the website “wodwell” to get some ideas @diablo_blanco , but previously you were asking about WALRUS training, and that’d be great too.

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Thanks for the input. Honestly, it means a lot to a guy like me who feelsnlike hes justvspinning his wheels the last 5 or 6 months with no physique changes.

“You can’t outrun a fork”, as the saying goes. What are your eating habits like my dude? Travel can make people eat poorly.

This is an example of packing for a work trip for me

I also pack a small electric skillet that I use to cook in my room

That’s pasture raised eggs and grassfed beef, which I made into breakfast

Threw in some avocado and greek yogurt

I also make chicken tacos in my hotel room frequently using that canned chicken breast

There’s a lot of “get to yes” that needs to happen when you’re traveling

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Brother I’m not even going to lie. Breakfast is usually an energy drink (Bang or Ghost brand) or coffe. Gas station breakfast sandwich and beef jerky. Lunch is usually something microwaved and a protein shake. Supper is usually a burger and a protein shake after I workout in the evening. Honeslty writing this out, I should be 300lbs instead of 225-230. Wow… also, a gallon of water at least a day.

I think you have identified the issue here my dude.

Do you have 5/3/1 Forever?

I believe you’re right… and yes sir, I do!

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Re-read Jim’s nutritional recommendations and start there. They’re very practical.

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Well that depends on how much calories you spend a day :slight_smile:
And then just simply eat less…as little as possible for faster weight loss, but as much as needed for you to be able to work without losing consciousness.