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Travel Food Containers?


hey can anyone recommend a good food carrying case that's insulated and keeps stuff warm/cold? i'm tired of carrying all my tupperware around with me in walmart plastic shopping bags :slight_smile:




The soft coolers at Dicks Sporting Goods are pretty nice and come with refreezable ice packs. They come in several sizes and are better quality than the Igloo one I've been using.



thx ponce..that's exactly what i had in mind


Costco often carries coolers similar to those.


Please let me know what you decide on. I've been looking for a good container/bag myself to take to university.

I paid $10 for a membership to this clubroom so I can use their refrigerator and freezer and microwave. Now, to set up the mini blender and acquire a locker for more storage...


Along the lines of this thread, does anyone have a suggestion for carrying around lots of olive oil?


Easy. I use empty bottles of Spike Double shot. Perfect size.

I also use these to carry around a mix of ACV, raw honey, lemon juice and water as a digestive aid. Well, I will start to, anyway.

I keep them in the fridge.

One container is just over 10.5 TBSPs if you fill the bottle to just under the neck.


will do. there's actually a dick's sporting goods right next door to my gym.



My mother used to make something known in our house as The Brew -- ACV, a little honey, fresh horseradish, and fresh garlic. If we were getting sick, we had to take The Brew. It worked fantastically because we dared not get sick and have to take The Brew.