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Travel and Fitness

In about two weeks i am going to eastern europe for a twenty day trip with a People to People group. Obviously i cant bring my weights and i am not going to have access to a gym for more than a couple of days if that.
I lose muscle easily but what i really want to avoid is the psychological effect that missing a workout has on me.
I figure i can do shitloads of bodyweight squats and pushups and maybe do curls and kettlebell type stuff with my backpack but I dont want to screw this up.

Any of you have some good tips about travel fitness or know of any good products or tools which may help?

Take some Bands with you.

Yes, bands can help, but there are plenty of bodyweight workouts out there. Here is one:

there is only one answer here, but you’ll shell out about $150 and a little more for DVDs

TRX- it looks silly, but it’s no joke. A fellow trainer at my gym is an instructor for them and has showed me a few things on it.

Ok, so there’s more than one answer, but this will be your best option.


damn it. I was watching some of the vids, now I want to buy one to get in some extra supplemental exercises

lots of pushups, bodyweight squats and chinups/pullups should be enough for that absence from the gym

I’m also facing an enforced break from the gym as I’ll be travelling around Italy for 17 days.

In the 2 weeks leading up to the trip I’m going to be training twice a day to intentionally overtrain with the hope that the layoff will actually benefit me.

Even though I’m naturally looking forward to travelling and seeing another part of the world, the psychological impact of being out of the gym for 2 and a half weeks is hard to get over. Especially since I’ve been making such awesome fat loss progress recently and fear that the high carb Italian diet will compromise that somewhat. To combat this I’ll be trying to limit my portion sizes and taking 1 HOT-ROX daily. Also will be trying to load up on deli items such as hams and salamis so I don’t resort to quick fix carbs in desperation.

The sensible part of me knows that the break can’t do that much harm as long as I’m not stupid, but since when has a bodybuilder’s mindset been sensible?!