Travel Advice to Train Without a Gym?

I’ve been doing various 5/3/1 variations with excellent results. I’m heading out of town for a couple of weeks, and there is NO WHERE for me to train within an hour and a half. I’m bringing along the following things:

Over door pull-up bar
Woss suspension trainer
some bands of varying tension
1 70 lb kettlebell.

I’m going to be doing whole body circuits with the trainer and pull-up bar, kettlebell swings, and some band pull aparts.

Any suggestions for good exercises or routines?


I just answered this question on this very forum.

1 mile run
200 bodyweight squats
100 push-ups
50 chins

Easy, anyone can do this and this is basic level of fitness.

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Thanks Jim.

It was 6 AM, and I was walking out the door, didn’t have time to search. Runs might be rough, I’m what feels like north of the Arctic Circle, but I’ll probably survive.

One other thing I’ve done: if the hotel has a gym, find the heaviest dumbells and the stairs. Walk up/walk down. The place I stay has 55lbs bells and it starts to suck quickly.

It’s not perfect but if you can do some push-ups, sit-ups and chins - it’s great. When I’m out of town, I never do “regular” workouts anymore. I use it as a time to do some different stuff and “relax”.

Thanks Jim. That seems better than running on icy roads in single digit temperatures.