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Trash My Diet


I am currently trying to cutt my BF down from 20% to around 15% before doing a slow bulk so I am taking in around 2220cals a day which is 500 under my maintanance.

My diet example:

6:30am - whey protein (40g) with water

7:00am - 2 whole eggs scrambeled on 1 piece wholegrain toast or 1 tin of mackeral on 1 piece of whole grain toast or 40g oats with 250ml skim milk.

10:45am - peanut butter sandwich on 1 piece wholegrain bread
- banana/apple
- whey protein 40g with water

1:15pm - 90g chicken breast between 2 pieces of wholegrain bread.

3:00pm - banana

5:00pm - hit the gym

6:00pm - whey protein 50g & 60g maltodextrin with water

6:30pm - 1 chicken breast (125g) with veg and either 120g brown rice or new potatoes - sometimes no rice or potatoes to lower carbs

10:00pm - 2 egg omlette or 60g cottage cheese

Any advice on improvements for cutting fat?

Come at me brah's lol


Seems like a lot of carbs and not enough protein/fat for a cutting diet.


Macros should work out at around 40/40/20

Should protein be higher than this? I am consuming around 1.25 x lbs bodyweight in protein.

I know Dorian Yates said if you cut carbs too low then protein will take over as main energy fuel which it isnt efficient for?


If your going to slow bulk I probably would go down lower then 15%, itl just make it easier for you to keep going, thats just my opinion though


you need more pre-workout food to fuel you through the workout


You have virtually no fat in the diet. Also, cut out the bread and bananas. Go for higher quality carbs if you need them. Look into "carb cycling" - it really works.


What would you suggest I get BF down to?

Thanks bro


Looking at carb cycling complex and have worked out all the macros for the high/low/mod days.

Now just need to try and workout the foods to make it work, seems complicated!


Get rid of the wholegrain bread - contrary to what the majority of food agencies would have beleive its NOT healthy. Sub it for some sweet/white potatoes/rice/rice cakes/oatmeal (you can eat these raw which most ppl forget)OR quinoa.

As for the rest of the diet. I'd replace the maltodextrin with some solid food, you're on a diet so you want to eat the most satiating food possible, drinking calories when on a diet just doesnt make sense to me. Even the protein shakes i'd replace with something you can eat but i'm sure some people would disagree with me there, i'm biased being a leangains follower.

I also agree with the other poster that you need to work on your pre-work out nutrition. A banana isnt going to cut it, roughly half of the carbs in the banana come from fructose which wont help you in the slightest when it somes to loading or replenishing muscle glycogen.

Go for something like a few rice cakes and a banana, that way the speed of absortion of the normally medium GI rice cakes will be sped up and fuel your workout. There are other options but this is just a suggestion. Pre-cooking shit loads of sweet potatoes in the oven and keeping them in the fridge is another option and a great source of starchy but quick absorbing carb for pre workout. Really handy too!!

There's more i could say but this is turning into a bit of an essay so i'll leave it there..if you have any specific questions, shoot...


The long answer is it can depend on your metabolism.
The short answer is drop it to 10% then bulk back up.

Here is an article on the subject:


Some very good info mate thanks, I have already made some changes like making an oat+blend protein shake my pre workout nutrition now instead of a banana (I know not real food but thats how it fits with work)

Also replaced most the bread with almonds to reduce carbs and up the fat a little and have upped the protein to around 1.5 x lbs bodyweight.

Will try preparing some tubs of chicken and sweet potatoes or brown rice for work next week.


I am going to have to expect to drop my bodyweight down to around 144 lbs to achieve this but will be worth it in long run although going to feel like I am wasting away :slightly_smiling:


Sounds like a plan, glad I could be of help. If you're in a hurry i always recommend some cottage cheese mixed with various stuff. For just protein try it with some tuna or a scoop of chocolate whey. If you want some fat in there just add smoked salmon. Or if you want some carbs in there cottage cheese on rice cakes works really well. I personally find it so versatile and the casein protein is great as far as a constant stream of amino's entering your system, not to mention none of the above take more than 2 minutes to prepare and they tase great! I even had some with a sliced banana yesterday and that worked well.