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Trash Cycle or Good?

Test e 1-12w 500mg/E3D
Dbol 1-4w 30mg/ED
Winstrol 7-12w 50mg/ED

2 weeks after last pin

Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 50/50/25/25

and in pct ill add clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. dosage depends on how my body react and can tolerate

AI recommended dose everyone for this cycle?


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why are you laughing?

A few things

  1. pick one SERM, one is more effective than both together
  2. if you take the clen, you can take it all the way through if you add in ketofien at night, this will keep down regulation of the receptors to a minimum
  3. you could go with albuterol instead of clen, most people experience less sides because the shorter half life
  4. if you do take clen or albuterol take taurine with it, this will help protect your heart
    and will help with any cramps
  5. not a big fan of winny, Have had to buddies tear some shit up, it will dry you out really bad,

whats your goals of this cycle, cutting, recomp, competition prep? bulk?

my goal is to cut and to have the best lean mass gains as possible for the upcoming basketball games. i want to be lean to maintain or improve speed. sadly there is no albuterol in my source only clenbuterol. how much taurine should i take? and how much ketofien at night should i take?

or is this a good idea?

12 week cycle ill bulk really hard then when the pct comes that will be the time ill be using clen? so that i get the most out of it?

just do your fucking cycle already. How many more threads like this do you need?

God you’re annoying

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im currently first week of my cycle but im not sure if the winstrol will be okay in my cycle.

it’ll be fine. Winny’s not a very scary drug.

i see thank you for answering!