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I was watching the Wizards/Rockets game last night, and between commercials I would flip around a little. I started watching “Are You Hot?” during most commercials. Has anybody seen this show? (It won’t surprise me if nobody has.) I was wondering what everybody thought of the judgements they’re handing out to these people. Too nice? Too harsh? I didn’t see the beginning, so I don’t know how the judges are supposed to give out their scores, but they seem to be on a 0.0-10.0 scale, and they score the body, face, and sex appeal separately. I think they went a little easy on the body scores. All the guys came out just wearing long shorts, so you could only see most of their chicken calves and couldn’t tell crap about their legs, or more importantly to women, their posteriors. And what about the posture? The guys had horrible posture. I think the show could be done much better. At least it takes all the “drama” out of survivor and boils it down to what all the other “reality” shows are about.

Dude, I fucking love that show. I think it’s really interesting to see other people’s opinions on what constitutes good bodies, faces, etc. Plus, as you said, it’s pure entertainment – what could be better than checking out hotties in swimsuits for an hour? Regarding the way the judges score people, yes, they’re WAAAAY to generous; I can tell you that if I wanted a perfect score in the physique department, I would’ve needed to stop lifting weights about 5 years ago.

Zev, do they switch judges on the show? That might be more enjoyable. I have nothing against guys with that level of muscularity, it’s just that it seems the idea of “hot” they have for a guy’s body is having partially visible abs and a tight chest. They care nothing about the back or bottom half of the body. If the guys were better proportioned, I could agree with some of the scores.

And the women. I think there are many beautiful women on the show, but I may have seen one body I’d give over a 9.0. It seemed every other body was a 9.5. They just weren’t that firm, especially on the bottom half. They were much better than the average woman (to see “average”, look around where you work, go to school, or hang out - it’s not pretty), but I wouldn’t consider them prime cuts either.

Hell yeah! I’ve been watching this show from the beginning. There have been some definite hotties, but the judges totally suck ass! There have been some real hot girls that they voted off! But they have voted some not very attractive and ultra-thin girls into the mix.

And it’s fucked up because the guys with good bodies are actually penalized because they are “too big” or “overbuilt.” So the judges are not looking for the best bodies. They are looking for “somewhat” trained or your typical “Men’s Fitness” cover model types. Some of the guys have had big legs/calves, and the judges said, “your calves are too big.” I was like, “what the fuck?”

Obviously, the voting is up to the discretion of the judges’ own personal tastes, and I have definitely disagreed with many of their choices.

I have enjoyed the close-ups of the hot females. Especially the ones where you could practically see through their bikini bottoms and see the “lips” down below. You can tell those girls are either completely shaven or trimmed up very well.

A guilty pleasure.

Jared: the judges stay the same. I agree their aesthetic standards are totally wack, but I think that just adds to the fun of watching the show – you get to yell at them through the TV. IMHO, the hottest chick so far was that Chantille (sp?) girl from last week. Last night was pretty slim pickins – the northwest was NOT representing to the fullest. I imagine next week will be the best so far, though, as it’ll be the southwest region, which includes California and Texas. Yum.


Yeah, the southwest may be better. I remember the very first episode when they showed some of the people from the southwest, and this one girl was absolutley blazing. She was a 19-year-old hottie that has blown away any of the competitors I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to seeing her again!

Last night wasn’t that great. Some of the people that made it through were not that attractive. But the top four that they picked were the best of the what was available. That reminds me, I need to go vote! hehehe.

“Are You Hot” is more intellectual than Joe Millionaire. Nuff said.

Sadly, I sat through part of 1 episode. My take: The judges are feeding the minds of god knows how many young girls that tall, skinny, and no muscle is attractive. Seriously, 3 of the 5 girls they kept were nasty skinny. Mostly, I was disgruntled by the fact they were giving 9.5’s or 10’s to girls with, in my opinion, a 5 or 6 body. Never again will I watch that show.

That show is great! Obviously the best part is the continuous stream of tazzy walking across the stage. After that my favorites are when they interview the people who aren’t voted “Hot”, and they say stuff like; “My dream is over!” or “I worked so hard for this.” WTF! They walked onto a stage and their crying!?!

Also, I like it when Lorenzo Lamas makes the chicks turn around and he uses his laser pointer to critique the ASS!

I don’t watch TV.