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ok guys i was born with naturally larger than average traps. in fact i do not even train them directly since they grow so fast they dwarf the rest of my physique. here is my question, why is everyone so fascinated by large traps. every where i go people ask “hey dude what do you do for your traps?” or “how can i make my traps like yours?” im so tired of hearing it. i take pride in trying to develop a balanced physique. why dont people ask what i do for my rear delts, or calves? i would much rather have a big chest or wide lats. i just dont get the fascination with large traps.

This is just my opinion but I think traps are the epitome of power. Rarely do you see guys with large traps and when one comes around, people recognize you as a powerful guy and want to develop traps like you. Just my 0.02

Can’t really answer your question, but i agree it has something to do with the ‘power look’ that people are after. But you do have a fellow comrade in me, RARELY do shrugs, but mine are naturally large as well, i also get comments occasionally. Hey, i’m not complaining about it though, better than getting negative comments. :wink:

Heh, yeah, one time I did lateral raises for like two weeks only and my traps exploded (in size). It was cool. It wans’t genetics though, it was the teen-freak levels of T I have.