Heres the deal–I work my shoulders hard, with very good results.But, my traps are small, obviously leaving me looking kinda strange. I do shrugs, jaw breakers, along with a few others at heavy weights. Of course i also get a workout through many of my deltiod sets also.the problem is i dont know enough trap sets, to alternate and switch consistently. Please help.

I think volume is a key in trap training. My fav. exercises are dumbell shrug, rows, and behind the back cable shrugs.

Traps are complexed muscles. They pull in three directions. 1) Upper traps - up: Shrugs, Laterials, Snatchs, etc. 2) Middle Traps - Pull the shoulders back (as in stick out that chest): Wide grip bent over rowing, Over head rope rows to chin, snatches, etc. 3) Lower Traps - pull the shoulders down: Pull-ups, Pull-downs, Dip Bar Shrugs, etc. I fine that middle to high reps work best for me 8-12.
Best of Luck.

I think shrugs suck ass. Stick to deadlifts, powercleans, snatches, and high pulls if you want big traps.

yea yoru best bet is probally snatches in on maybe the back day. DO Deads for a while insteaqd of squats. Also might try the poliquin tri-set he gives on q of strength.

last thing. i would actually say do deads on leg day like 3rd training session in the week. On your first day of the week do traps and only traps- snatches shrugs, etc. keep it under 40 min

deads, high rows. what i mean by high rows is take the rope, hook it to the cable low row machine, and with your thumbs pointing foward, pull to your neck with your elbows up. oh yeah and genetics

There was a trap program by Don Alessi a month or two ago in an Iron Dog column, I think. I’m getting pretty good results with that. Other than that, I think a combination of heavy compound movements (Deads, Power Cleans, Snatches, O Squats…) and high rep isolation movements (Shrug variations) would work best. But in Don’s program, he explains why it is also important to work the middle and lower traps.

Deads, power cleans, and there was one that I tried for a few weeks, despite not needing any extra trap work. I think they are called shrug pulls??? Heavy weight, partial descent of a deadlift to the knees, come up and pull hard without bending the elbows, bringing shoulders to your ears. what the heck are jaw breakers?

There was a great thread some time ago called “Big Traps” that had a lot of postings. Search under “subject”.