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Traps Sore After Push Workout

I did a push workout yesterday consisting of the following. Planks, bear crawl, one arm chest press, landmine press, 1 arm, face pull, hammer curls, and lateral shoulder raises.
Today only thing sore is upper traps and i dont want that. Would uou suggest I get rid of one of these exercises or any tips for improving form woild help. Thanks

What body parts were you aiming to hit? The plank and bear crawls fatigue my traps and shoulders and i hate to do them if i’ve done traps in the days before.

oh really?? Bear crawls and planks?? I didn’t even think they were for traps, I was using for core. good point. ARe there different plank variations that use less traps??I wanted to do some core and push, so chest, biceps and shoulders. Maybe I Should change core stuff, and I can cut bear crawls but if I want to do planks daily, I would need the best form, forearm planks or full planks,etc. to lessen on traps because I have them tight naturally from daily stress. Thanks for those pointers, if you have other tips let me know.

The bear crawls are awesome for core as long as you stay low. I also throw a push-up in there. So what i have been doing after watching athlenX and him saying planks are not targeting what we think they do, i have been laying on my back with my butt on top of my roller and holding my legs and body in a straight line up in the air. If you can’t imagine it, i can take a photo.

I would definitely need a pic. Not imagining it well. That would be better than a plank for core ? And if u have a good link for bear crawl, let me know. Do u think the other exerxises are good to keep?