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Trap's Log (Summer's Coming)


also working rear delts and doing overhead raises really fills me out, i need to focus on “pumping” work for this region more (it works due to long levers). My shoulder development has greatly improved as well.


there’s a delt tie-in between the delt and tri I never had before. def a more “capped” look than I had when I started this log (was very flat).


Been busy but went through a full cycle of workouts this past week. My “push” day is obviously far more shoulder-centric so I did a chest day yesterday morning before work.

Things I have been working on/That are working for me:

-working on cracking that hip mobility. Using the “90/90 stretch” from T-Nation writer Tom Morrisson, I am pitiful at it but I am improving. It’s helping open up my hips a bit.

-Anti-APT movements like vacuums and single leg lowers have been great for my hips and core.

-I need to find a place to do yoga.

-Been running Intermittent Fasting for over a week now, can’t say I feel a super difference body comp wise, but inflammation is down, and mental acuity is up. It is nice not to stress about eating and be able to time it.

-Shoulders are taking the increase in overhead pressing well. Y/T/W warmups are huge for this.

-Been running my miles on the treadmill with no problem.

-Hamstrings are also super tight. Even tho mobility is improving it is still piss poor.

Yesterday’s chest workout:

Monday, June 11, 2018
(AM Workout)

DB Bench
30’s x 10
60’s x 10
70’s x 10
75’s x 10
60’s x AMAP

Diamond pushups (1 sec pause at bottom)
5 x 10 BW

Hammer Incline
4 sets of 15, upped the poundages here

Low-to-High DB Fly/Raises
a new move I learned off IG, really helps. 4 sets

Tricep Rope Extensions
3 sets

Lots of 90/90 and pigeon pose after for the hips, and a brief treadmill walk.

IF is great but I need to keep in mind not to loosen up during my window.


Tuesday was Arms

Wednesday Legs

off yesterday, will hit Shoulders/chest tn.


Friday, June 15th, 2018
Felt a little weak from Thursday’s activities (spent the day outside in the sun, logged around 25K steps, went out after, etc.

Did higher reps on BB press, some machine incline, diamond pushups, lateral raises.
Also did lat pulldowns, having a back movement on a press day felt good to even things out.

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Hit arms after the beach.
Movements: Seated simultaneous DB curls, seated Hammer curls, cable curls, diamond pushups, rope extensions. did a lot of ab work as well.

Sunday: off ( will do some walking and stretching)