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Trap's Log (Summer's Coming)


Here are two progress pics. Yes, I used a silly meme editor to conceal my identity. Not sure if pics are allowed? If so mods lmk if I’m in the wrong here, I don’t want my log deleted.


Tuesday, April 3, 2018


DB curls (35’s/30’s)

Rope Hammer Curls

Incline skullcrushers

Single arm preacher curls (machine)

Tricep extensions (straight bar attachment)

EZ Bar curls (slow tempo)

Roman Chair Sit-ups 5 sets of 10.

Supps: 1s C4

give it like an 8

Back in there tonight for legs and abs.


Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Had to work super late, so I did stretching for the hips/glutes/quads as well as foam rolling. Did core work as well:

Planks 4 x 1 min
Supermans 4 x 10
Pelvic Tilts 4 x 10
Bird Dogs 4 sets

then a 2.5 mi walk outside afterwards.

Friday April 6, 2018

Goblet squats
BW X 10
BW + 30 x 20
BW + 50 x 10
BW + 50 x 10
BW + 50 x 10

Alternating Lunges
4 sets, BW x 10

Back Extensions
5 x 10, BW (really focused on stretch and contraction of hams n glutes here, was careful not to hyperextend. I had been researching this movement this week, it’s very beneficial for my situation.)

Leg Extensions
4 sets of 15

1 mi of Incline walking on treadmill after

supps: 1s C4

felt good in there, my hip mobility is improving, and I have my glutes firing a lot better.

After surgery, my chest/shoulders were pretty unimpressive, so I worked diligently to build up that area. In retrospect, I neglected core and cardio far too much. I need to improve how I use oxygen (although I already feel it getting better). I remember from my boxing/grappling days that I have quite a “gas tank” when I’m in shape, so I have no doubt that keeping with this discipline will get me right back there.

Nothing social tonight for the first time in a while so I’ll relax, stretch, get a solid sleep and hit Back tomorrow with Bi’s.


Saturday, April 7th, 2018


Chin-ups: 30 total, did it in 3 sets

Cable Neutral Grip Rows
4 sets of 15

Neutral Grip Pulldowns (good move, felt it in side delts too)
4 x 12

Seated Rows
4 x 12

Rear Flyes

4 sets

E-Z Bar curls/ Cable curls

Hanging Knee Raises
5 sets

Hanging Leg Raises

3 sets

1 mi on treadmill

Felt really sluggish in there to be honest. No C4 today but had black coffee…stil was dragging. 5.5/10

Sunday, April 8th, 2018
2.5 mi outdoor walk, foam rolling. My left IT band is nightmarish. Incredibly tight and painful to roll. My hips/back/glutes felt amazing on Friday night, but felt pretty jammed up on Sat/Sun. Going to keep hammering with mobility work.


Monday, April 9th, 2018


Back to pressing work.


DB Bench (kept it light and focused on tension)
4 sets of 10 w/ 55’s

D-Handle Pushups
4 sets of 15

4 sets

4 sets w/ a 45 lb. DB

Hanging leg raises

supps: scoop of C4

felt good, shoulder held up well. Will see how it feels tm. Give it a 7.5 bc I couldn’t go as heavy as I would have liked.

~1800 kcal, 50c/25/25


Tuesday April 10, 2018


BB curls
bar x 10
65 x 10 (4 sets)

Incline skullcrushers
4 sets

Rope Cable Hammer Curls
4 sets of 20

Standing DB Curls

4x10 alternating w 30’s

Tricep Rope Extensions
5 sets

Single Arm Preacher curls

3 sets/side

1mi Incline walking after

5 sets of hanging knee raises

supps: 1s C4

felt good, good pump. 8.

~2200 kcal, needed it today. high in protein. Might up cals a little, been feeling sluggish on only 1800, especially on days I lift.


forgot to log a little here. Cardio/Legs/Cardio/Arms, now back to this week.

Monday, April 16th, 2018


Tried Flat BB Bench to see how it felt, and it went well, though i kept it light.

bar x 5
95 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 5
205 x 5
185 x 5
155 x 5
135 x 10

Good mobility and I felt the chest working, so perhaps my t spine work and pressing break helped.

Hammer Strength Incline Press
4 sets

4 sets

3 sets w 40 lb. DB

Tricep Extensions 4 sets

Supps: C4. Felt ok in there, 7.5

Going to need to really dial it in to get leaner. Going to try to employ eating as little carbs as possible on non-lifting days.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Lat Pulldowns
4 x 12

Cable Rows
4 x 12

Reverse-grip Bent over rows
4 x 20, 95 lbs.

Rear-delt flies

4 sets

BB Shrugs- This move works really well with my body type, I’m going to do it more often.

5 sets

Bicep work/ ab work.

1s C4 before workout


Wednesday 4 18 18

Cardio, 45 mins incline walking, kept carbs/cals low.

Arms tonight.


Wednesday April 18th, 2018


Thursday, April 19th, 2018


Friday, April 20th, 2018

Legs + Abs

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Incline Bench (kept it lighter and tempo’d, didn’t chase weight)
bar x 8
95 x 8
135 x 8
155 x 8
185 x 8
155 x 8
135 x 8
95 x AMAP

Med Ball pushups
4 x 10 per side, again slow controlled reps not pumping reps.

Cable Crossovers
5 x 10

Lateral Raises
5 sets, seated

Tricep V-Bar Extensions

4 sets

Ab work, a lot of it. Ball crunched, leg raises, supermans, regular crunches, broomstick twists, Pallof presses.

SUB-200 A.M. weigh-in
we’re on the right track. Back today