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Traps and Mass


Question about my traps (or lack of), I know I can work Traps (or anything) for 2 times per week, but Can I do them outside of my workouts? Like I do Cardio in the morning and usually have breakfast, Would it be a bad idea to do Traps alone before breakfast and do my Regular work outs in the evenings? Or should I just do Traps first during my workout and get them over with. Also List me your 2 best excersises for traps,
Mine Dumbbell shrugs


Regarding when and how often to train your traps (or any body part for that matter), you should read some of Waterbury's latest articles on high frequency training. It may change your outlook.

My fav exercises that hit the traps are deadlifts and upright rows.


I have an idea, post your current training program without updated trap work. I'm very interested before I make any suggestions.


def. not a fan of upright rows. Be very careful if you have any shoulder or wrist issues.

But deads, cleans, shrugs, farmer's walk are plenty enough to grow your traps.


whats wrong with upright rows? i have a shoulder problem and I am curious