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Traps and Lower Back


What do you prefer to train the traps with in terms of a split: A) with lats; B) with delts or C) how about with the lower back in line with a deadlift workout?



C. I hit them with deads or rack deads.


Traps were a definite weak point for me so I worked them A and B. Now that I feel they have caught up I work them with delts only.


with more traps


Always with delts, I feel a huge carryover between the upright rows and lateral raises I do for delts, into the direct trap work I do.

I just try to keep such a workout at least a day away from back/deadlifting work...


i concur, do you concur?


Heavy day along with deads, lighter day with delts. I like to hit angled shrugs with rows and abreviated rows(just pinching the shoulder blades together) on lighter days.


Don't upright rows hit the traps as much as the delts? Do you consider them a delts-only exercise?

Just wondering. In my full-body workouts, I don't shrug if I do upright rows. Maybe I'm wrong...


I recently started hitting them with lower body and like it.

I even sometimes hit heavy shrugs the day before overhead presses and don't notice any negative effects


That was actually my point, not sure if I worded it poorly or not.

I do my direct trap work on the same day immediately after my "delt" work, which does indeed include a lot of trap involvement with upright rows and lateral raises.

Since I'm already giving them some work with my delt work, I like to include my direct trap work in the same workout.