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Traps and Heavy Back Day

Just wondering if anyone else has a day like this in their routine.

Its basically an extra day I add in now and again where I eat a ton of food, most things go, and then hit the gym for some heavy partial deadlifts, cheat rows, shrugs, and maybe throw in some heavy upright rows.

since I have been doing this my deadlift has went up and the thickness in my traps and shoulders is very noticable.

I still have a day where I do regular deadlifts, pull ups etc but this day is fun and interesting, sticking on some big weights especially in the partial deadlifts. Holding 50 kg more than you usually can is a great way to increase T levels and send your numbers up.

I have a random extra day sometimes also. I work traps like you.

-and I CURL in the SQUAT RACK while drinking NO XPLODE-

I do that too on Sundays. I eat all my normal training day meals and depending on the moon phase I go in there and move some fucking weight for either back, chest, or triceps. All the time drinking NO XPLODE cause it gets me swole, bra!

I’m sure a lot of people around here have one of those days. It’s basically just a “My ____ are not big enough so I want to focus on them” day. Doing deads twice a week will definitely send your CNS into a frenzy. You’ll probably gain a decent bit of strength right now, but I wouldn’t continue to tax your CNS like that consistantly, especially if you’re doing squats.

i sometimes DO curl in the squat rack… and?

What YOU gonna do bout it? :wink:

No really… when i need a straight bar, and if it is quiet enough, i do. BUT i also squat in the squat rack a hell of a lot more than curl… so i think i am allowed.


For years I have neglected my traps maybe doing a few sets at the end of my workout. I think hitting them along with some heavy partial deadlifts and rows is a great way to do it.

I don’t like the whole be careful with overtraining by not deadlifting/squatting more than 1x per week. I’ve made some of my best gains deadlifting 2x per week and squat 1-2x per week. If getting enough food and rest I have no problem with it and usually make insane gains for a month or so that I do it.

I do believe overtraining can be done, but I also believe that most people fear it too much and need to push themselves more instead of worrying about overtraining. I think you should push urself to the point of overtraining and then back off a lil bit instead of taking pu**y steps towards overtraining. lol

I never have a day in the gym thats not planned, but i do have one day a week that is dedicated to my “lagging” parts…it’s shoulders, tri’s, hams, calves…

I’m not the hugest fan of partial reps or cheat reps. Only on certain movements and exercises do I cheat and its usually with heavy weight during giant sets where strict form isn’t necessarily needed, I’m just trying to make it through the workout. lol


I agree alot of people fear over training so much that they short change themselves during workouts.

I barely ever plan a session, so im quite the oppisite to you. I know what body part im doing and ill decide what exercises just as I go along, although now and again i do follow a certain rep x set range for the big lifts to get them up. I think once you get those to go up everything else comes along for the ride.