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Traps and Chest for Tall Skinny Guy?


Ok it seems the hardest thing for me to get to grow is my chest and neck. I have a really abnormally long neck and really want to isolate my neck muscles and traps to get my neck looking bigger. Can a pro please suggest some stuff for both these muscle groups?

I have the other stuff under wraps i just feel like i need to pay more attention to these areas? Looking forward to what some of you fellas have to say :slightly_smiling:


im not a pro, but does your gym have machines that isolate neck muscles?

obviously you should start doing shrugs if you want to isolate your traps

deads help somewhat with trap developement

you can find a half way decent chest routine anywhere on the internet its just up to you to figure out the volume and frequency you need to grow for any body part


How tall are you and how much do you weigh OP?


Eat more. This will solve your problems (basing this off your other thread).


neck = power clean or clean & press


eat more man, you havent been training long enough to know whats troublesome.

After a solid year of training you will be able to tell whats harder for you to grow, not after less than a month.

  1. Bench
  2. Incline Bench
  3. Fly's
  5. GROW



neck = neck


greg makes a good point here




do heavy power clean, do heavy clean&press and your traps will grow, NECK MUSCLES ALSO. Similar to heavy DLifting.


The posterior neck muscles grow nicely from the advice given here. (And you should be shrugging in the 400s before you say that shrugs don't work for you). For the rest of the neck, I found that the sternocleidomastoids grow nicely from putting a barbell on your clavicles and filling your lungs to the max with air. (Only did front squats for a year. Strangled myself by putting on an old shirt on New Years Eve.)


dude i dont think i can hold on to 400lbs without straps haha man

but anyways your talking about resting the bar on your chest when you do front squats to help with neck growth?


Why wouldn't you use straps for shrugs???




I'm not a pro but my neck is pretty big,you don't need a Nautilus machine to "isolate" the neck, just lay on the flat bench with your neck outside,put a towel on your head and put some iron disks on it and push to failure, neck seems to respond better to high reps range (15/20),except this neck is like other muscles; progression (aka add iron as often you can)and train it twice a week.
if you train neck and traps I don't see why it cant become bigger, a long neck imo just means that it needs more time to become fuller but as muscles bellies are longer this means that you could develope a huge neck....


Just like individuals with longer limbs, those with "longer" necks need more isolation work, in addition to all the standard staples.

Olympic lifts are great neck and trap builders, as well as shrugs and direct neck exercises.

Also, it seems the neck responds well to a higher frequency of training....look at wrestlers and football players, and you could throw olympic lifters in there as well.

chances are if you have a long neck, you have long limbs, and thus would have a more ecto'ish body type. This means you need to eat A LOT to grow. Start with that.


currently I'm hitting the neck twice a week (direct work;neck extension with 80ish lb,1 rest pause set of 20/7/4)and doing bb shrugs twice a week, but no matter how hard I try I cant hit an higher reps number after the second rest pause,with other muscles reps number in the second set after the rest is roughly half of the first (if i hit 8 reps after the pause I can squeeze others 3 or 4 ).............
d you think is better for neck extension not to go to failure and did more sets than 1 RP set to failure?


You are tall and skinny, as mentioned in the thread title. Fix that, and your issues just might disappear, true story.


Lol, QFT