traps again!

thanks for the help guys.but one more question-for you Ryano. How do you do behind-the-back cable shrugs. I tried to get creative but i don’t feel i was doing them correctly.

1)Attach a lat bar or wide curl bar to the lower cable (just get a bar you feel comfortable shrugging with) 2) You don’t have to go heavy-65% effort at first. 3) Grip the bar behind and stand; step out just a touch from the pully 4) Shrug up with your traps, tring to leave your arms out of the movement-don’t roll!just go for heighth (Goldberg says he trys to make his traps touch his ears!) 5)Hold for a count of two then release the contraction and let the weight hang for moment before your next rep.
-Most people think these feel weird, but if you master the movement, it really fills out the meaty part of your traps. Make this your finishing move. I go for 15-20 reps at about 190-220.
-A good tip to “feel” the movement is to think your pulling the two “heads” of your opposing traps together at the top.
Good Luck man!