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Trapped Chilean Miner Exercised While Undergound


I thought this was kind of cool, it's a slide show of pictures he took while down there. Looks like he also got some squatting in.



I heard about this on CNN but didn't pursue it, but I did find it odd that he would jog and do other things like that.
I mean it sounded like they were in dire straits down there and running and sweating and all that didn't sound like a prudent thing to do.


To be honest I had pictured their living quarters to be much, much smaller.


Actually getting in physical shape was needed. Otherwise, getting them up again through that "tube" would prove difficult.


"Perhaps it's because I have this fury ... I could just lie down, but my fury has been channeled into a hatred towards this mountain ... I wanted the mountain to get bored, seeing me run...I am not defeated. I am fighting. I feel that by running, I am fighting to live."




Still though, awesome...


yeah that's a pretty badass attitude.