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Trapezoid Pain During Bench

So about 8 weeks ago I was doing a normal heavy day on bench(I powerlift) and everything went well except missed one heavy bench but there was no pain throughout the day. The next day I had a shearing pain in my left trap and my anterior head of my shoulder. I continued to bench for the next two weeks normally because I had a meet coming up and just thought I strained it. I didn’t perform where I should of at the meet from lacking explosion on the bench. I am in the Army so I have to do push ups regularly and for the first month there was great pain in doing them now it is painfree but I still cannot do a normal barbell bench over 225 without it killing me.

My max used to be 345, not sure what it would be now. I am trying to get back into it as fast as I can any advice would be greatly appreciate. Army PA are worthless for any of you have been in will understand where I’m coming from on that end.