trapezius tweak

i was doing incline dumbell curls today and while trying to muscle up the last rep i tweaked my trap muscle. Its not a severe pull but it does ache and it hurts when i turn my head to the right. My question is should i work around it or just take some time off? If i have to take time off, what shoudl i do to speed recovery of the muscle

try heat therapy and massage. stretch it out to try and lossen it. i would say thry to train through it and see how it feels. laters pk

Hi bud

I always get that “tweak” when i do not warm up well,so for next time start off light and really get the blood flowing,then attack the heavy weights.I know what u mean about it hurting when u turn ur head especially when driving its a cunt :stuck_out_tongue:
As for your recovery,ice ,slight massage just using your own hand and ice that somebitch,dont worry the pain will subside after 3 or so days
Hope this helps

Careful stretching is good for this. If it hurts only when you turn your head, you probably don’t have enough swelling or inflammation to need ice. Stretching helps alleviate local muscle spasm around the ruptured muscle fiber, thus relieving pain, and promotes good healing of the muscle. Anything that increases circulation, like massage, is good too.

For long-term health, I would take this as a sign of the need for more stretching and addressing imbalances.

thanks guys. The drive home from the gym did suck becuase when you have to turn your whole body to check your blindspot it tends to distract you from the road. Anyway i iced it and rubbed some Theragesic oni t. That helped tremendously. Then i put a Thermacare pac on it and this morning the pain is almost completely gone. No that i think about i didnt warm up like i normally did and i my whole body was cold because of the weather down here. Thanks for the help