Trapezius Imbalance

Recently after taking some check in photos I’ve noticed my right trap seems smaller than my left or maybe just sits differently.

I’m trying to figure out is this a muscle imbalance or something to do with my posture maybe? Debating going to see a chiropractor or getting a sports massage but if there’s anything I can try my self at home I’ll do that

I’m right handed if that makes a difference .

Youre fine. It might be that your right shoulder sits a little lower than your left, or your right trao may genuinely be a bit smaller than the lift.

Either way, it isn’t a major issue and definitely doesn’t warrant a chiro/PT visit unless you’re in some kind of pain.

If it’s concerning you, I’d make sure any scap exercises you’re doing (shrugs, face pulls, rev flyes, Y raises etc) are done unilaterally for a period of time.

Do you have any difficulty/weakness when contracting the smaller trap? Any difficulties with external rotation?

If you perform a pullup do you feel the side with the bigger trap contracts harder?

Could be genetics, could be pathological. Any history of shoulder injury on the affected side?

Started having some back pain and realized that I have this exact same imbalance. Any corrective exercises?