Trap work while deadlifting

I am interested in developing my traps. I 've heard that deadlifting works the very well. For those whose traps grew while deadlifting I was curious on what kind of grip you used. Was it an alternate grip or a two-overhand grip (like the grip you use while barbell shrugging)? Thank you!

my traps arent great but they are somewhat noticeable now… snatch grip deadlifts (2hands over hand, naturally) worked well for me. just make sure that you DO NOT let your upper back round.

I get pretty sore using an overhand grip.

I used an alternate grip, worked great for trap development. I think doesnt really matter about the grip if you deadlift heavy you will grow big traps.

Snatch grip, pronated only.

Ok, so call me a doofus. Maybe I never learned how to deadlift properly, but how does deadlifting cause hyptertrophy in the upper back? Doesn’t the back more or less statically hold the shoulders throughout the movement? I’m sure I’ve been doing things wrong, so if someone could explain the movement to me, I’d be most appreciative.

definetely pronated. im more of a sumo dead guy then regular deads, but the upper back position should be the same on both. its almost like your squeezing your traps back for a static hold when your off the ground, and my traps always get sore after deads. (i really cant work back the day after/before a hamstring day or a day with deadlifts for that reason.)

the fact that the upper back is stabilizing and supporting the arms, allows for the work on the upper back and traps. These do not move when you lift the weight to any high degree but the muscle do fire to keep proper support. laters pk

I prefer to use a pronated grip on all but max effort (3RM or less) work with deadlifts. For max effort work, I will will use a mixed grip and alternate each set. Heavy pronated grip rack pulls are one of the absolute best movements to develop the upper back and traps especially if you include a shrug at the top of the movement.

I found that my traps grew even better from Dumbbell squats vs. deadlifts.