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Trap Work and ABBH

Maybe the answer to this is along the same lines as the explanation for not doing isolation arm exercises, but would shrugs, possibly as a “super-rep” with Deadlifts, be a worthwhile addition to the ABBH program?

If you believe so, where would you put them?


The DL’d alone and rowing should do the job but if your worried just be sure to flex them at the completion of each DL rep.

Phill is right.

I noticed my traps get larger after completing ABBH I and II, probably mostly due to the deadlifts.

You can also do the rows with more of a 45 degree angle (as opposed to nearly parallel to the floor).

This should also allow you to use a little more weight, but there is less range of motion.

I have added face pulls into my workout after a recomendation from westside, and now i can say face pulls do so much more than shrugs. My neck has got so much more bigger and i cant button up my shirts at the top. Try it for a month and see how you go.

how to: