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Trap Pains With Shrugs


Recently (past six months), I have had a sharp pain in the middle shoulder whenever I do shrugs. Once it starts, I quit doing shrugs for long enough to where it stops hurting. But sure enough, 1-2 months later when I try shrugs again, within two weeks that sharp twinge is back and I have to stop. It feels like a needle stabbed into the middle of my shoulder. Has anyone else experienced this, or know what it is, or know how to alleviate it. Thanks.



Are you ROLLING your shoulder when you shrug??

If so thats KILLER on the shoulders simply go up and down no rolling.


The middle shoulder? How many shoulders do you have? All kidding aside, if it hurts, trust your body that something is wrong.


If it hurts, trust that most people in the gym have no clue what they are doing and the form is wrong.


agreed. I can't watch some times. I want to reply like Nick Burns, the company computer guy on SNL, "yeah, what you are doing is ok, IF YOU WANT IT NOT TO WORK. that's their business so I mind my own.


no pain no gain...you wambie pambie.