Trap Injury?

Hi all, about 2 years ago I hurt my shoulder region whilst doing some db flyes. At the time I heard/felt something go twang. At first I didn’t rest the area but instead worked through the pain. Now 2 years later and I still can’t bench press. I have since rested the area and I’m not currently training. Any shoulder movements, presses, raises etc and I don’t get any pain, but any chest pressing exercise and it hurts. The pain is difficult to pin point but I think it is coming from my trap region.

I’ve had an MRI on my shoulder which didn’t show anything but now I think they were looking in the wrong place. I’ve tried accupuncture I’ve seen an oestopath but still can’t get to the bottom of the pain. I can’t even do a press up on my knees. It also hurts if I bring my left arm across my chest. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated as I’m at the end of tether.

Other than the fact that you should have addressed this 2 years ago I’d see an ART practitioner