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Trap Injections

how many of you Guys have ever injected in the traps ?

I’m thinking of giving it a try for my coming cycle
I don’t feel comfortable putting more than 0.5ml in the delts,
And also don’t want to hammer the glutes,
I’ll be running Primo so need to inject a lot of oil per week, and suggestions welcome,

Have never tried trap injections. I’ve done delts up to around .5ml (maybe a little higher, but below 1ml), 1ml in lats, and IIRC as high as 3ml in glutes.

How much primo are you taking? High dose primo is my go-to cycle, and I have had no issue with glute injections for all that oil. At 700/week I used an EOD injection schedule. So, 2ml in L glute, two days later 2ml in R glute, another two days later 2ml in L glute, etc. So by the time you are injecting in the same glute again it’s been 4 days, and the oil should have dispersed for the most part. Only issues I had with that was when I was using 1.25 or 1.5 inch needles, I was burying them and getting too deep and near nerve structures. This caused almost constant aches in my left glute, but not in my right. No idea why the difference.

ive done 2ml in delts just fine , i think some others have done same or more , def can get a 1ml to 2ml in delts

I will probably go up to 500 Primo per week,
With 400 test per week
I think I’m gonna try 1ml in each delt
And 1ml in each glute
I’m trying to only use clean compounds from now on if I cycle, like Primo and just up the test, I really like DHB but it gives pain after injection and makes your blood very thick,

Ok Cool will try more in the delts

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Yeah, I’ve heard great things about DHB, was really thinking about trying it. But everyone I’ve read that used it mentioned the (in some cases) debilitating PIP. So that kind of puts a damper on lifting, which negates the point. Hadn’t heard that about thick blood, though.

If you mix it with test it’s not so bad with pip 60/percent test 40 percent DHB
My main concern is the thick blood like It’s very similar to EQ on how gets the blood thick,
And We’re I Am it’s a bit difficult to give blood,
Do you know any other ways to offset blood getting thick on cycle ?
Also I don’t wanna be going hospital all the time to get bloods done, well this Corona is peaking with a lot patients in the hospitals,

I run up to 1ml in my delts twice a week. I’ve never done traps, I’m interested though. I’m with you, the more places to pin the better!

I have done quads and glutes pretty easily with minimal pain, I had to get someone to pin my delt for me, just felt awkward for me to hold in that spot and keep my hand steady. Not sure if I would be comfortable doing my traps personally.