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Trap DL Injury


hey all,

a few weeks ago, i felt a snap on the left side of my traps. i was doing deadlifts. so i laid off those kinds of exercises for a couple weeks and it felt fine. the muscle would have this snapping feeling for a second then nothing, no pain or anything. but when it snapped it was a sharp pain.

i deadlifted the other night and it happened again but worse this time. same thing just hurt more and was a bigger snap. can someone tell me wut this is?


Don't do anymore deads!! Go to the doctor!!! There is a multitude of reasons for your problem. Have a doctor make the proper diagnosis, you will get only speculation here...


Listen to this answer.


as if he could get ANYTHING other than speculation from a doctor? it's gonna be a hit and miss diagnosis, good luck.


I've been going through this for 7yrs....could be many things including weak rotator cuffs, scapular instability, herniated disks in your neck(C4,5,6 like me). Absolutely get to a chiro, RMT, GP(for an MRI).

Don't rush through this injury and seek opinions from different specialists. In the meantime stretch out your traps, levator scapula, shoulders, etc. and apply ice. Best of luck.