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Trap-Deltoid Imbalance


Recently, I've been training very stupidly. In an attempt to correct my posture by building muscle on my upper back/scapula area, I unwittingly did heavy top rows 2 twice a week for about two months while laying off my shoulder and chest workouts. Anyway, the end result is that my traps are pretty freaking huge when compared to the my deltoid and chest area.

So now my question is as follows: Is there a particular way to work out your delts (special presses/raises, etc.) that absolutely minimizes the involvement of my traps? I really want my delts to catch up without my traps developing to the point that their up to my ears (think 'roiders traps').

Btw, I have those 'genetically gifted traps' that seem to grow by just looking at them.


Stop lookin at them.


That's kinda difficult. They've completely taken over my neck, grown up and over my ears and then around to the side of my head. So, I can always see them out of the corner of my eyes.


I guess you could just do what you did for your traps, you know, for your chest and delts. I may be going out on a limb here, but lowering the intensity or volume for your traps and increasing the intensity of volume for your chest and delts would help even out your imbalance.


using weighted sleds sure works the hell out of my delts. That would surely give your delts a "pick-me-up" in the growth process if you use it enough. There are plenty of articles on this site for building up shoulders/arms, just do some research and you'll be set.


My traps respond very well to any type of training as well... well make that any type of DIRECT training. I've never had a problem of working my shoulders resulting in growing traps.

Also just from pure observation. I have seen MANY people with huge delts and almost no traps, I think this goes along with the idea that shoulder work isnt going to do alot for your traps.


Dude, why are you mad that you have traps? It's like one of the first physical features other than legs that I notice on a legit lifter.


There is no way someone experienced so much growth in two months that they have destroyted their symmetry without massive amounts of drugs. This post is bullshit. My traps are big because I trained them for years with heavy weight and they grow easily. They didn't get big over the course of two months. I would LOVE to see a picture of the truly massive monstrosities.


Whoa, Whoa. I was just kidding about my traps being all the way up over my ears and around the side of my head. That was merely a sarcastic reply to X-factor's 'totally awesome', completely uninformative post.

Also, I don't hate my traps. I just trained them in such a way that their growth outpaced that of my delts/upper chest. So, I now have a slight imbalance.

What I am concerned about is whether or not my traps have the genetic potential to get truly f*cking huge completely independant of any further direct training to them. (Up until a few months ago I had never directly worked my traps once and their growth had always just naturally kept pace with my shoulders, etc.). While I do enjoy having traps, I perfer the 'wide shoulder' look of having delts which are more developed than my traps.

Lastly, in regards to training, obviously I'm going to stop working my traps and start training my delts from here on out. However, what I was curious about is whether or not anyone knows off any special lifts, or special ways in which to do raises/presses that minimize the involvement of my traps. (My traps always seem to get quite a workout when I do shoulders).


Thanks for the input. By the way, do you know where I could find a description of 'weighted sleds'?


Having bad posture makes your traps look bigger, because you are hunched over.


That's true as well. However, I've read Cressey's and Robertson's 'Neanderthal No More' article and am well on my way to finally fixing my posture.