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Trap Deadlift Bar vs Regular Bar

Is it better to use a trap deadlift bar for deadlifts over a regular olympic lifting bar? Does it train anything differently? Does it decrease the risk of injury?

Thanks for the help.

Trap-bar is more a squat-like movement -> quad
Straight bar -> hamm movement


I like the Trap Bar.

Okay, no, I love the Trap Bar.
If you start at a deficit and use low handles, it can be just as productive as squatting.
Also, it’s really easy to change your form up to a more stiff-legged version, which has the potential to destroy your hamstrings and glutes, like a normal deadlift.
Plus it doesn’t kill your spine, but it totally fries your erectors.
It’s basically the best of both worlds for me.

After exclusively training trap bar for a few weeks, my squat shot up 40 pounds, which is pretty awesome.
Also, my chinning, rowing, and benching have gone up from the little bit of extra upper back work it offers.

I should add however, that my training partner absolutely hates Trap Bar, he thinks it’s because he’s quite a bit shorter than me, I think it’s because he has tiny little hands that can’t grip the bar…

Anyways, ya, Trap Bar ftw!

I assume you have read today’s article. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/the_trap_bar_deadlift

i think you’ll loose something by ditching regular deads - spine loading causes adaption, growth and strength increases

I did it in place of regular deads for about 3-4 months didn’t help my regular (well sumo) at all. But my quads liked it lots, unfortunately new gym does not have one

You dont have to just use one or the other you know.

Thanks for the tips.