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Trap Bar

The T-Nation trap bar looks great, but it’s expensive. Same goes for the Rouge trap bar. Anyone have a cheaper alternative?

All my plates are Rouge HG bumpers, save for the 2.5’s and 5’s.

I have a CAP hex bar. picked a brand new one up for $52. I’m 6’ and 240 and I have plenty of room to move around in this thing. Enough room to do farmers walks with it. It has ugly welds and won’t win any style contests but it does everything I need it to do. Thing weighs around 70 pounds and has nice sharp knurling. almost too sharp. will take off the ol callus’.

If you wan a custom rig, one with a reg grip and a fat grip, check out black widow training gear. At one time about 6 months ago, Dean, rough quoted me about $225 shipped.