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Trap Bar Qs


I was looking at having a welder mate knock up a trap bar for me... now im not so sure.

I dreamed of replacing my sets 3 or 5 of normal DLs with trap bar DLs as i am recovering from 3 herniated discs (time to progress from rack pulls) - Assuming im on a program that incorporates ME days (say 5x5 DL on one, squats on another), is the trap bar DL more of a squat? Which leads to my next Q, where do trap bar deadlift fit in a program? Accessory to Squats?


How did you herniate 3 disks?

Reason I ask is that it's scary that you injured yourself that bad, and youre still posting in the beginner section. That and I wondered if you injured yourself doing something besides lifting.


To answer your question, the deadlift may translate to stronger quads but I wouldn't label it as an "accessory" to squats.


ooo you could have him make it extra long so you could do a wide stance trap deadlift! that would be interesting. dunno how it would fit in with squatting, but lifting heavy weight off the ground has got to help something.


Maruader Meat uses trap bar as a squat variation...just saying.


They actually make trap bars that hold enough weight for Maruader Meat, must be custom made.


I was thinking this was a nice little joke, but then I thought about it a bit more. I guess it would be.


Ive been lifting about 6 years now, but i still have Qs i think i should know the answers for so i post them in here - Rippetoe describes the movement of a trap bar DL as more of a standing leg press...