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Trap Bar Help: Refund or New Bar?

Received the bar around three weeks ago. The packaging was battered, the delivery driver and i assumed this didn’t matter as its a metal bar. Its York - International “Multi-Hex” Dead Lift/Shrug Bar. Its rated at 1320lbs/600kg. I’ve used to twice, last and this monday for a grand total of 20 reps.

Doing 5x2 with 110.5 and 113kg. My point is, thats hardly a lot of weight. It hasn’t been dropped and i lower the bar normally. The bends quite hard to notice and i only noticed it the other day when i had it on its special loading stand and was looking straight down at the bar.

It then clicked - i watched a ripper toe video a while ago while he explained about bent bars and dropping them. I’m assuming its been dropped or knocked during transportation and yes i should have refused delivery.

Anyway, i wanted to ask your guys advice, do you think that i should send it back?, there is a 30 day return policy, i have to pay and ship it back to them, if they decide its damaged they will refund the postage and the item. Obviously there likely to say straight away i accepted the delivery and i’ve damaged it myself.

Just wondered if anyones had experience with bent trap bars, etc. Do they bend easily, does this type of bend matter?

The handles themselves feel level and its hard to tell. I’ve never used another trap bar either so i can’t compare usage.

Wanted to get your guys thoughts on this.

Sorry, messed up the image posting. Heres another

From that angle it looks more like a factory defect.

I would try calling customer service and talk to them. Hopefully you took pics of the damaged packaging to show the condition it arrived in.

If you only noticed the bend because you were looking at it from a certain angle, and it isn’t impacting your lifting, I would probably just keep it. Maybe try loading it up a bit more(close to your max) and see how it feels. As it gets heavier, it could force you into odd patterns or something, I don’t know. Like I said, if it is still fully usable without tweaking you at all, I would just keep it. Tell your buddies you put oo much weight on it or something…

You’ll have more success requesting a replacement than a refund. They won’t be able to claim you deliberately damaged it.

Do you mean the offset on the right side, coming from the floor toward the handle?