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Trap Bar for Powerlifting?


I will soon have access to a trap bar and wanted to ask for your experiences with it. Is there any sense in using it regularely with the goal of increasing my total? Main deadlift is sumo. I deadlift sumo one time a week and use a deadlift variation on a second day with lower intensity. I squat three times a week at the moment, if this is important.


KK seemed to like it. I never got much out of them. That's all I've got.


Seems to me that it would have less carryover to sumo than conventional. Do you use conventional deadlifts as an assistance lift?


I got very little out of the trap bar in terms of deadlift carryover. I like it for quads, but that's about it.


At the moment I use snatch grip, deficit or SLDL. I considered to use conventional deadlifts but haven't done them in a while.


Did it have a carryover to your squat? Quads are a weakness for me. I recently got a little success in building my quads for a more efficient squat but it still isn't where I want it to be.


Not that I noticed. Mechanics are too different.


It's a good means to load up farmer's walks if you don't have access to handles.


Would have to go outside to the parking lot to do that but it is a good idea as a fun conditioning excersise.


I just use 'em for shrugs.

Farmer's Walk option...LOVE IT! Great idea. Gonna try them this week.


if you are a sumo deadlifter i personally don't see an upside to it. the mechanics are entirely different, so the carry over will be minimal. they could be used to improve grip strength via farmers walks and shrugs. but thats the only thing i could see.