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Trap Bar for a Home Gym, Worth It?

I’ve read a bunch of articles and have seen a lot of videos of Jim using a trap bar for deadlifts. I don’t compete. I’m just asking for people’s experience using a trap bar rather than a straight bar for their deadlift. I’m asking because after two deployments, my back is not what it used to be. I’m only 31 and I don’t want to be even more broken by the time I retire. I work out in a garage gym. Trap bar worth the cost?! I like lifting heavy shit and none of the other lifts hurt me. The deadlift is the only lift that hurts and I don’t have an ego. I’ve lowered my training max plenty of times but I think I might be done with the straight bar deadlift. It used to be my favorite but I’m not going to hurt myself over it.

Do it! Unless you’re a powerlifter or strongman (i.e. you compete) there is no downside for you.

Trap Bar is definitely worth the cost. Hammers the upper back, you can use it for loaded carries, and a multitude of other movements. It’s an economical piece of equipment. I have found them rated up to 700lbs for under $200 here and there. Just rotated it into my own training to replace straight bar deadlifts for awhile, totally different feeling for me.

I plan on getting one eventually, I’d say yes because compared to some other equipment they are not super expensive. For example a good SSB can be much more and possibly used about the same.

I got mine off Amazon for ~$150. I can’t remember if it’s rated for 700 or ~500. It doesn’t matter too much as there isn’t enough room to load that much in plates. I love it. Haven’t used much lately, but it’s a solid piece of equipment to have in your home gym.

I like it for high-pulls, rows, TBDLs, RDLs and farmer’s walks.

I used to have a hex bar & it was great! (basically the same as a trap bar only the handles are set higher), the only downside I can think of is they take up quite a lot of room.