Trap Bar DL with 30-10-30 Method

Dr Darden-
Do you recommend the 30-10-30 routine with a trap bar for deadlifts?If so,do you advocate letting the weights touch the floor(brief rest) on the middle 10 reps?If not,how do you recommend doing deadlifts–cadence,rep range,etc.
Thanks for your time and help.

I can’t speak for Dr.Darden

I used to do this with my trap bar. This exercise is not going to be safe for the deep muscles of the low back with slow negatives. Any deadlift as well.

It’s to much time under load to expose them too. You might be ok to start but when you start adding weight I think you might run into some problems.

It can be pretty hard to keep good form on the last 30 second negative.

Those deep muscles also can take longer to recover. Your erectors might feel ok but the deep low back muscles might be a different story.

Try a goblet squat with a dumbbell held against your chest. You could do a dumbbell squat the way Dr.Darden lays out in his book.


What’s your 10 rm using a 1-2 rep cadence? Trapbar deadlifts is kind of a hybrid between a squat and a. regular deadlift but with a more upright torso. My 10 rm for trapbar dl would be 325 lb but i have not used it for 30-10-30 protocol. My goto quad movements is the hacksquat machine and any type of legpress machine which doesn’t stress your lower back going full range! Maybe a 2/4 cadence would be more suitable in this case to save your lower back both short and long-term!


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I wouldn’t go slower than 10 sec on the pos or neg in deadlifts. Normal cadence 4/4 is probably safer, without rushing things.


I tried it for one session with a 10-10-10 (2 ten second negatives) protocol and it did not feel right.
I replaced it with dumbell squats which worked my targeted quads and glutes much more effectively with much less resistance.
Nothing wrong with doing trap bar deadlifts , but as others have already stated on this thread , a 2 -4 second lifting and lowering would in my opinion serve you better in that particular movement.



As dips_rule said, in any type of deadlift for longer time under tension you are exposing those deep back muscles to a lot of pressure.
I did that (with heavy dumbbells) and it triggered my old lower back injury that has been totaly under control for 3 years. I am still recovering from that.