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Trap Bar DL After DL 1RM

Ok so I know I have been kind of cluttering up the forums as of late but I keep coming up with so many questions. I have read that the trap bar deadlift is like a squat and deadlift combined, less posterior chain involvement, more quad involvement. I just deadlifted up to a 1RM on wednesday and today (friday) I am planning on doing 3x5 with the trap bar deadlift. I can’t squat cause of recovering from surgery (5 months!!) so the only options I have for quads are trap bar deadlift and leg extensoins. I was doing the trap bar deadlift to try and maintain strength in my squat.

My question is, is it okay to trap bar DL today after maxing out only two days ago on the conventional deadlift or should I just do leg extensions? THe shitty part is that if I don’t trap bar DL today I won’t be able to until two weeks from now cause the gym I go to that has a trap bar is closed next week. Thanks guys

Wait another day or two to let your nervous system recuperate to its fullest extent so you can get the best possible potential out of your trap bar workout.

If you have no other choice, doing trap bar today won’t kill you.

Thanks strongman. Yeah its kinda a tough decision, I mean I know ideally I should wait a few days cause of deadlifting to the 1RM (and I’ve tested BP and Press 1RM this week). It just sucks cause it seems as if I don’t do it today I’ll have to wait like two weeks.

Yeah the leg extensions may stimulate my quads but I was really relying on those trap bar DL"s to keep my quads somewhat strong, especially casue I just started doing them 4 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to squat for 5 months.

What are you deadlifting?

My 1RM came out to be 405. Yeah I know not great but I’m busting my ass to get 5 plates now.

You’re fine. Do your prescribed sets/reps and maybe get a rep max if you feel good. (you are doing trap bar deadlifts as 5/3/1 right?)

Thanks DSSG. Nope I’m not doing them as 5/3/1 yet. I’ve only done them a few times so I’m gonna add 10lbs per week until I get stuck, then I’ll switch over to 5/3/1 if I still can’t squat. Hopefully by that time I will have my squat back though so I’ll drop those and progress by 10lbs on my squat until I’m stuck then go to 5/3/1. I might use the trap bar DL as an assistance lift though.

Just because you set a PR doesn’t necessarily mean you hit a 1RM. You should let your NS recover but if you’re going to have 2 weeks off anyway I’d say go for it.