Trap Bar Deads and Layers

I’m sort of an old guy and still really love training big (relatively speaking of course). I’m enjoying the layer system (just finished week 4). I am using four- 4 week “cycles” with a different HDL each time through (found this somewhere on here). 1. Descending 2. Extended Sets 3. Hard 5 and 4. Speed.

week 1. Ramp to 3, 3 cluster, 3 HDL
2. Ramp to 2, 4 cluster, 2 HDL
3. Ramp to 1, 5 cluster, 1 HDL
4. Ramp to 1, 3 HDL, 2 Max Pump

Basic set up is this- Squat or Deads (not layered) 1 day per week (Sunday) with leg assistance work mixed in throughout the week after Press or Pull layer.

Press 2 days (Mon/Thur) using Decline, Flat, Incline, OHP (alternating each session)

Pull 2 days (Tue/Fri) High Pulls and Snatch Grip HP for 5 sessions during a 4 week cycle. And Dead Stop Rows, Snatch Grip Deads, Trap Bar Deads for the other 3 sessions.

Wed. is my OFF day (usually do some ab work or something)

Saturday is my Pull down day and AB stuff or other assistance I may not have gotten in.

I did Trap Bar deads layered for the first time today, and honestly almost changed to HP right before I started. I was concerned because this is the 1RM, 3HDL, 2 max pump week, that this lift would not translate well. I was completely wrong. I was SMOKED at the end and felt great with the back pump, etc.

I know no program is perfect for everyone, but I want to get the most out of it. Is the amount of variety ok? too much? I plan to go through all 16 weeks, then re-evaluate unless my strength stalls significantly or the mirror says I’ve stalled.
Any and all input is appreciated