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Trap Bar Deadlifts

I have been doing these for the past several months and favor them for several reasons, mainly due to the fact that I am able to obtain nearly perfect form without bloody shins. That being said, is there a benefit to doing regualr style deadlifts as oppose to deadlifts with a trap bar?

Let’s see, there may be someone here to argue with this point;

If I could do only ONE version, I’d pick trap bar no question.

Reason: I’ve topped out @ 580x1 on DL and I’ve topped out @ 640x1 on trap bar. The way I see it, 640 does a bunch more for my traps, forearms and most likely everything else that 580 ever could.

It’s the same ROM but 60 lbs heavier.

If one did rack lockouts at 700lbs, due to the shorter ROM it would NOT be the same even though the weight was much heavier.

I just confused myself!

Trap Bars kick ass!

Yeah, trap bars are pretty awesome, but I do feel that they put the emphasis on the quads a little more than the posterior chain. Hardly a difference though, I use them both pretty equally I’d say.

I would utilize all deadlift variations in my workout. Trap bar, regular, traditional hack squat. I don’t see a reason to limit yourself to just one.

You could wear socks when you deadlift to stop the blood.

or stop being a pussy… just kidding (sorta)

Yeah, if you can include all versions of Dl do it! Partials with a car are cool!

try a little salt and lime on your shins before lifting. i’ve seen the ladies do it.