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Trap Bar Deadlifts


Hello all,
What is the benefit of doing trap bar deadlifts and what is the carry over to the normal deadlift?

When I do trap bar deadlifts I feel it in my glutes rather then my lower back so my thinking is that trap bar deadlifts are more sports specific?

Thanks to all.


Don't you use your lower back in your sport?


Others who actually specialize in this movement could probably give you a more complete answer. However, I purchased a "Trap Bar" in the late 90's just for some variety.

I found the bar to be very useful and I agree with you, it seems to put more stress on the glutes and less on the lower back. I also seem to be able to do more weight with the Trap Bar. Although others have seen the opposite results.

I think (unless you are a Powerlifter) you should use both. Variety is the spice of life! I put it in the class of the Leg Press machine, which I also use. It's not as good as doing Squats, but it's a great piece for variety. I think variety is what keeps you training for many years, and perhaps what helps ward off injury.


He must have a switch that turns it off when he doesn't need it.


When I first started deadlifting I used a trap bar. I find it to be easier to hold than a barbell. I hardly ever do trap bar deadlifts anymore, but if you ever want to change up your routine on the deadlift is a good exercise. I have seen a few articles that have refered to them as trap bar squats and used them as an alternative for people who can not squat due to a back injury. You have to do what feels comfortable to you and lift hard.


A lot of people on this board will tell you that the trap bar is for pussies. Screw that.

I really like the trap bar DL. It is much easier to teach than either the conventional or sumo technique. Just like one of the previous posts said, it is a great tool for variety.

I know that the Westside boys talk a lot about deadlifting being really hard on the nervous system, which is why they really limit the frequency of the movement. I have never felt this way when using the trap bar. I think because of the way it moves the center of gravity, it makes the movement a lot less demanding and easier to recover from.

As far as poundages go, I have always found that people use more with the trap bar.


I love Trap Bar Deadlifts. I alternate between them and regular deadlifts. With the trap bar I am able to use my legs more as compared to my lower back with regular deads. I would imagine the trap bar would work great for people with lower body flexibility problems.