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Trap Bar Deadlifts for Long Leg Lifters

I just watched all your videos featuring what lifts to use for your body type, which were great. I was wondering where trap bar deadlifts fit for long leg lifters. Are they a good exercise for them? High handles or low? Thanks.

I’m 6’4 and I use high handle trap bar deadlifts all the time. Depends what you are looking to get out of the exercise and how you perform it. I use a close stance, high hip starting position - I’m looking for hamstring and posterior chain development, and so my height gives me an adequate ROM for hamstring hypertrophy and my form targets the posterior chain. Bingo.

But if you’re a low-hip, quad-heavy trap bar lifter looking for quad hypertrophy, low handles would be better.

Just depends on what your goals are, what your deadlift form is like, and where you’re going to fit them in your program.

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