Trap Bar Deadlift Numbers

People don’t seem to post their numbers on this lift very often (probably due to the fact that hardly any commercial gym carries a trap bar). I worked with a trap bar today and I’m now curious about how much weight people can throw around on this exercise. It would be interesting to know your straight-bar deadlift numbers, squat numbers and bodyweight as well to get an idea of how much a trap bar deadlift transfers to other lifts and vice-versa.


My best on the trap bar dedlift is 210x3. I weigh 162 pounds and my other numbers are Squat: 185 x 5
Deadlift: 190 x 5.

i tried trap bar deads once. here’s the vid. i would do them again. just haven’t put them back into the rotation.

690x2- that’s all the weight i could get on the trap bar we have.

my squat and deadlift always stay around the same as well. the trap bar may be a little ahead though. when i pulled this my squat and dead were both in the high 600’s, almost 700.

bodyweight was around 270 at this point.

I feel like a weak bitch posting this after meat, but my best Trap-Bar is 555, which was done when my best deadlift was 485. I hit 505 straight-bar, but haven’t maxed out on trap-bar since then. I would say in general for most people, they can do between 50 and 75 pounds more on the trap-bar than the squat.

ive only done trap bar once

it was 5 plates x 5

nothing special.

i dont really like trap bar though, i thought there would be more back involved than there was. good for variety i suppose.

Damn you all and your access to trap bars.

I have one in my gym.

I need to try it.

I will post results next week if I remember.

i have to agree with jtrinsey about 50-75 pound over the straight bar but i think the trap bar and straight bar tend to get to a similar poundage…

I might be the only person in the world that is weaker on a trap bar with elevated handles (3") than from a regular bar. Seriously holds back my farmers walk numbers because anything I can pick I can walk with.

Just started training it, hit 440 for 5 yesterday, elevated handles, bw about 195. Hopefully after I get used to the movement this goes up quickly, goal is 600 by the Dec 1st.

Did 415 on the TB when my conventional DL was 365

605 for 2… in high school… 8 years ago.

Hmm… best trap bar deadlift = 715… best straight bar deadlift = 650. Pretty big difference, heh. Trap bar definitely is easier and actually feels more like a squat to me. Which is weird, because my squat really sucks.

I wonder what the difference in the trap bar vs straight bar is if you turn the bar over instead of using the raised handles. That 3" could make quite a difference on the lift.