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Trap Bar, Chins, and Dips Twice a Week?


If all you have is a Trap Bar and a Chin/Dip station (and dip belt) do you think you could still progress well doing only: Trap Bar, Dips, Chins every workout? How would you set this routine up if you were going 2 times per week?

Also have a band for face pulls, and two 10kg DBs for curls, and an ab wheel.

With a heavy focus on cardio/other activities (jogging, climbing, surfing, hiking, cycling)

Thanks for any help

Progress towards what? What’s your goal?

Very general: more lean mass, stronger, more healthy and more athletic.

Yes, you can totally develop a nice physique. You’ve obviously well selected the accessories.

But let me be clear, the trap bar is mostly for deadlift, so you have to put weight onto it.

Bands, ok but not for face pulls
Dumbells, ok but not for curls. Do OHP instead, and you’ll very soon need more weight.

Yes I primarily squat/dip/pull-up at the moment which is similar to what you’re talking about. Plus a few curls and band work. Bang-for-your-buck movements and all that.

However this obviously wouldn’t fit the standard 5/3/1 model which is where you’ve posted.

U can press and floor press the trap bar. Plus shrugs, Romanian deads/SLDL, upright row. There’s more options I’m sure. Just a few ideas if you haven’t considered them.


I’m biased, but if you could add a log and/or a sandbag, you’d have pretty much an endless supply of movements to progress on that hit every movement pattern.

Overhead pressing and/or floor pressing the trap bar would probably be a good idea.

I’d say add pull aparts to your face pulls and lateral raises, tricep extensions, and maybe pullovers to your dbs.

These goals can be achieved with the tools at your disposal, yep.

Ton of different options. Something simple would be full body with intense lower/accessory upper in one session and vice versa in the other:

Workout 1
A) Trap bar deadlift 5x3-5
B1) Chin-up 4x8-12 (or 40 total reps)
B2) Dip 4x10-15
C) 10-15 minutes of whatever

Workout 2
A) Modified gymnast’s routine (pull-up mechanical advantage drop set)
B) Dip 4x6-8
C) Trap bar RDL 4x8-12
D) 10-15 minutes of whatever

And yeah, I moved this out of the 5/3/1 forum because I don’t see how you can possibly program a legit 5/3/1 routine with the available equipment.

I seen peope wear the trap bar like a makeshift SSB

Did you video tape and post them on a ‘Gym Fails’ meme page?

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maybe next time

Truly a missed opportunity.

I’ve tried this a few times. It just doesn’t sit right with the front leaning. The open ended ones show a lot of promise in acting as a cambered bar of sorts though


I pretty much just ran Chin Ups, OHP and Trap Bar DL for a while. Made great progress, felt healthy, etc.

Look into tactical barbell.