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Transwoman Takes First Place

Well, hopefully we continue to advance and they won’t even be able to assign a species to that body(or rock, tree, mountain, whatever it identifies as).

So instead of men’s and women’s sports it should be male and female sports. Therefore it is separated on biological sex and not gender identity.

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Just when I thought we’d seen the last late 30’s dude who decides to torch women in athletic competition, this asshole shows up to beat up women under the pretense that he is one. To his credit, he choked that bitch out like nobody’s business. I don’t think he’d have any trouble handling most women or teenagers. He’s proved those doubters wrong by stepping into the ring and facing his opponent, man to woman.

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Watched the fight. Alana gets mauled in the first round, she eats so many punches and her stand up fighting is awful.

Celine is winded from the amount of hits she lands but they have minimal impact except a few. Would a non-trans athlete have withstanded those hits. Very doubtful, I can’t think of an instance where someone are so many clean hits.

I bet he’d have taken them even better under his male identity. I mean, we know that men and women differ only in genitalia…so unless he was blocking shots with his dong, I’m sure a woman would absorb them just as well. (/s)

Edit: Forgot to gush about his bravery. That woman beater is very brave. There. Now I feel Progressive.

YUP. Then he finished that choke like a man choking out a woman.

Fostering conditions for fair fights between men was probably the first refereed sport humans developed. I’m sure at some point in history other societies sanctioned men fighting women competitively, but we should not be like those societies.

There’s ample room for trans people in polite society without resorting to complete deference to the most outlandish of notions. Achieving relative harmony between trans people and the broader public is a two-way street.

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In the first minute and a half of the second round Alana lands a first real punch (I think) after eating probably more than a dozen clean, hard hits. This was a true and visible ‘holy fucknuts’ moment for Celine:

After that she was hesitant to add to her exhaustion.

Alana was then able to take her down ‘not like you would expect a wrestler to takedown, more a deadlift and carry before dropping on her back’ (commentators words, not mine - not an exact quote). Then a choke and instant tap. Pretty strong for 145lbs-er

I didn’t actually watch any of this fight until just now. The pictures did it justice and I don’t think my judgment was off. I didn’t really see a need to see how it played out before I commented on the situation with what little information I knew. I still stand by my words.

Alana sucks at fighting bare-handed. I can’t comment on Alana’s other combative skills acquired in the military, but this is a shameful display that deserves to be called out in clear terms. If I could have a heart-to-heart with Alana, I’d do my best to explain how this stifles the competitive environment for women in this rare pursuit. Women fighters deserve to compete against the best women fighters without a polluted competitive pool.

It won’t work because her response will be, “I’m a woman.”

Yes but she is not a female…

Fixed that for you.

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Fixed that for both of you.

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Thank you. I wasn’t sure how to gender it.

The times we live in…

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Haha damn.

You can hear the connection. The look on her face afterwards.

I spent some time looking at both sides of this general discussion. In my mind it is summarized neatly by Ronda Rousey being accused of being a bigot and using fake science, because she said she would prefer not to be punched in the head repeatedly by someone who had gone through male puberty. I’m still waiting to find any indication of what the non-fake science is.

The other main argument is that some women are bigger than others anyway, and you would never discriminate against a woman for being a bit bigger, would you, and so who cares if one of them happened to get that way by growing up as a male. And, who care who wins these competitions anyway. Can’t we all just get along. By the way, I’m deeply offended…etc…

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Unfortunately, for that argument, fighting has weight classes so it’s not about size but other physiological variables that favor biological males when weight is not a factor. I know you aren’t taking a pro trans position so this isn’t directed at you, but the argument.

Well, I’ll be pro whatever doesn’t unreasonably and negatively impact others. In my wide travels I have met many very different people. Martina Navratilova said, “I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.”

I think this applies even more when the competition involves putting someone’s lights out.

I should have specified with regard to sports.

I assumed that’s what you meant, but I didn’t want anything written online that would hang me when the woke regime takes over…