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Transplant and Training

Last November, after 12 years of PSC… the disease that Walter Payton died of. I finally had a liver transplant. I’ve been exercising and getting rebuilt. I started out as a 32 year old with an 80 year old body. I weighed about 165. I been using all the Biotest products and now I’m about 176 with a heathy runner type body. Nothing to knock you off your chairs but if you could have seen me when I began… When I started out I had to roll of the bench press because my abs were still stapeled. I’m also had to deal with osteoporosis and I’m on Prednisone and a ton of medication. The doctors think my progress is incredible but I would really like to begin and get some size. Anybody have a clue which diet/exercise routine I should follow with considering my unique situation.

Wish I couls help ya dude. You may want to try and write to the web site and see if you get an answer or maybe call the Biotest technical number–they can probably help. Hope this helps.