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Transman Cycle Advise for Bodybuilding

Hello everyone,

Looking to get into bodybuilding and going on gear. This is why I have decided to post this here, so the replies can be public and others may read (as well as getting some help with my own potential cycle).

If you have an issue, are offended by or harbour any negative feelings toward trans people, then… why did you click into the post? No need for you to place an input as I assume it won’t be very helpful.

(For those of you who are confused, I was born a female and started taking male hormones when I turned 36. This has made me appear as a natural man, voice, hair, muscle, all that fun stuff. I take 1cc (250mg per ml/cc ) of Test C every 2 weeks to keep my test levels that of a natural males)

Any thoughts on combo would be appreciated and if you have any other suggestions in terms of different substances or anything else please let me know.

Stats are: 5ft 4inch tall, 63kls, 38 yo and have been going to gym sometimes since started T. Post hysto and post top.

I really just want to hear as many opinions as possible before starting. I assume the majority of you have better experience than I. Thank you!

ps. Ill answer just about any question that you have as long as its not presented in a hateful way. If you need a better understanding, well, I get that.

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Thanks, this is very helpful.

I seriously doubt there will be any push back on this.

This is a shitty protocol, as I mentioned in the other thread.

I’d just get on a program and stick to it - push/pull, SS, 5/3/1, doesn’t really matter, just lift.

So the reason biological women have very few options when it comes to gear is the dramatic side effects that can (and almost always do) happen. Enlarged clitoris, deepening voice, virilization, etc. But none of those are bad side effects for you! So for you the list of possible drugs is wide open.

I would say avoid winstrol, mostly because of your age. It can be tough on joints and once you’re in your late 30’s I don’t see much upside vs downside unless you’re a top level athlete/competitor.

Tren is probably a no-no, since it is a progesterone derivative and I have no idea how it works for someone in your particular situation. I’d say that you would need a lot of research on that specific drug before going near it. I’m just not knowledgeable enough about it to be helpful.

But your best bet starting out is Anavar. It’s mild, has low side effects, and because you’re FTM you may be able to take doses closer to those used by biological males. It’s a nice lean muscle builder—not too dramatic, but good—and I think is excellent for increasing strength relative to the damage it does and the side effects it carries. Sure, it’s weaker than a lot of other orals, but it’s also not nearly as harmful. So that’s a good starting point.

If you have unlimited money then primo is your huckleberry. Again, mild side effects, good lean builder, and well-tolerated by basically everyone.

@The_Myth What do you mean by push/pu, SS, 5/3/1? Im not familiar with the terms. :grin:


Hi thank you for your suggestions. I appreciate it.

I dont compete. I just a normal guys thaf want to build a nice body. But maybe some.day can compete :blush:

Anavar is an oral, right? I can consider this one. Do you any ideas how is the cycle of this with cyp? And what do think about combi cyp and dbol?

@iron_yuppie @The_Myth
Another question: Do we still need to PCT? Since we dont have a natural T?

You do not have to pct. Your use of testosterone as a constant eliminates the need for that. Though I do agree with Myth, your dosing protocol is not optimal. But that’s a different story altogether.

Anavar is an oral steroid, usually available in doses of 10 or 20mg. For men the daily dose is anywhere from 50mg to 100mg (though I believe that is too high). For women 10mg is relatively safe. But for you it’s more likely that the dose can be closer to what men use. Women use smaller doses because of the side effects I mentioned earlier. Since that’s not a problem for you I see no reason why you can’t take a men’s dose. But it is always better to start lower and assess tolerance. Harm reduction should be the top priority for any steroid user, irrespective of any other externalities.


Can you suggest how to take it? Is it everyday? And i still need to use AI, right? Sorry for lots of questions.

No AI necessary with Anavar. It does not aromatise.


I’m a trans man too, looking for advice re. my first cycle.

I’m 25, 5’5," 145lbs, 15%bf, been training seriously about 2.5 years looking to gain size, currently bulking.

Been on HRT about 3 years. Current protocol is 1000mg/4ml testosterone undecanoate every 12 wks. Levels tend to peak at 850 ng/dl and trough around 550-600 ng/dl.

The testosterone undecanoate is administered by my GP, so any cycle I run will have to incorporate the undecanoate, as failing to turn up for my injection at the GP will be regarded as suspicious and could result in the NHS refusing prescribe me further hormones.

With that said, although testosterone undecanoate doesn’t seem to be the ester of choice most bodybuilders go for, I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t be taken in conjunction w another ester to produce desirable results (lmk if I’m wrong on this)

I want to run a test only 12 wk cycle - probably of sustanon 250. My question re. dose:

  • most guys run 500mg pw as a first cycle, but I’d like to know if in my case, 250mg pw - on top of the testosterone undecanoate already in my system (which places me within normal male range) - will be sufficient to give me supra-physiological test levels (i.e. 2000+ ng/dl)?

Any advice appreciated - not a lot of good info out there for trans guys.

Use test prop, gets out of system much quicker than Sus. You’ll be potentially impacting certain parameters on you’re bloodwork, HCT, RBC Haemaglobon etc will likely drive up somewhat, which may spark suspicion in you’re physician and may cause said physician to want to take you off TRT. Propanoic acid (propionate is the conjugate base of propanoic acid) is known for being an irritant to skeletal muscle tissue. PIP is common, and small red welts may develop at the injection site, however the HL is short and if you can handle it, it kicks in quickly and does the job.

You can donate blood, however this only works until you tank you’re iron stores, in which you’ll have symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia until you have an adequate supply of mature RBC’s again.

You should be educated on the risks that come associated with AAS abuse/use like the potential for the development of cardiomyopathy, dyslipidemia (contributing to long term atherosclerotic plaque build up), high blood pressure (also contributing to cardiomyopathy, however many mechanisms behind this), kidney disease (dependent on compounds used and how well BP is kept in check), neurological side effects (dopamine receptor downregulation, serotonin and dopamine DEPLETION with 19-nors). We don’t have much data as to the long term effects of these agents, even less on how they effect women and FTM individuals (as genetically, and don’t take this as an offensive comment) you still have the XX karyotype, and thus you are likely going to be more sensitive to androgens, thus if you’re more sensitive to AR binding you may be more sensitive to the effects of AAS on the heart, no one really knows, it’s all speculation.

My advice is, start low, run like 200mg of test prop/wk + TRT dose for 5 weeks or so (that’s one vial assuming it’s dosed at 100mg/ml) and reassess from there. But make SURE you’re educated on the risks and are thus still willing to take the plunge. I took the plunge because (1) I’m an idiot and (2) have unrealistic dreams about stepping on stage one day (and I’ve been on TRT since age 16).

If anyone sees anything wrong with this feel free to correct me :slight_smile:

Oooooooooooooooo I forgot, the testosterone metabolite etiocholanolone is immunostumatory and can cause symptoms of feeling unwell (this is called test flu, people say it’s due to unsterile gear… But it’s usually elevated concentrations of etiocholanolone, it can drive up WBC count (leukocytosis) so don’t be alarmed if you see that on you’re bloods, I’ve seen on forums people going like “oooo better go to the doc, you’re on 500mg test and you’re WBC is high even though you aren’t sick”… Instant facepalm…

Not to derail the topic but why avoid Winstrol? is it really that bad on joints at 5-6 weeks usage? I ask because I was thinking of running Winny myself but I’m seeing negatives about it all over this board for people my age.

Is there another alternative that is similar to winny? (Cut dry look, no risk of aromatizating, etc) I know there is anavar but everyone says good luck finding real anavar sooo???

Destroys you’re lipid profile.

Metenolone and Drostanolone exist for the cut, dry look you’re thinking of, however diet is pivotal, AAS are not magic, they’re just ALMOST magic (with an array of toxic side effects lol)