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Translating Parts of Your Books


Hey Jim, my name is Yaniv and I live in Israel.

First let me say I love your method, used it a lot in my lifting career and helped a lot of other people use it in theirs.

A problem I noticed some of the times is that some people in my country just don't know English well enough to understand your books.

So what I would like to ask you is to translate parts of your books to Hebrew in order to help these people use 531, and of course I will ask them to buy your books if they read the translations (I guess it's just better then handing it out free and saying nothing..)

Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward for your answer


What am I supposed to say to this? I have no idea. Any answer I give is “wrong”.
If I say “no” - you can’t fight to protect your work in this industry because everyone believes they have a “right” to everything. If I say yes, I just gave permission that can be used against me. We are fighting a big company now that used my name, program to sell books.

So while I appreciate you asking me, you put me in a shitty situation. I either give public permission to steal my work or look like an ungrateful asshole. It wasn’t your intention, I understand. But that’s the reality.


Thanks for your reply, I will not translate a word. Guess people will just have to learn some English :slight_smile:

Good luck with that company…


Depends how much interest there would be and what the costs would be - could commission a full translation and publish a Hebrew version of the book for sale. Might not be worth the hassle but maybe it would.