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So I’ve been doing the Christian Thibaudeau Superhero Program. I’m on week 9.

Today I did a flat close-grip bench press with 225 lb eight times. Last week I Incline bench pressed 225 six times. (These were both in the middle of my workout). If it matters at all I’m about 5’11 203 lbs.

I haven’t done flat bench press in about two years and was thinking about attempting a max press. I used to focus my workouts around flat bench and maxed out at 225. Now that I don’t do any flat bench I am doing what I consider more difficult lifts with more weight. I think alot of it has to do with physically maturity. I just turned 24 and it seems like without working out I would still be stronger than I was when I was working out at 18.

If I were going to attempt a flat bench max what would be a reasonable weight?

Thank me later =]

Remember all predictions are just that though - predictions. Could be more - could be less.

I close grip more than that quite comfortably, but would bust a nut trying to incline what you did. My bench is around 335 so somewhere in that region maybe?

Of course it’s not that simple… it depends on your back strength too, and your form. Tbh if I were you I’d spend 2 on the flat weeks going 5x5, 1 week 3x5, 1 week 1x5, 1 week 1x3 and test on the 6th to make sure you’ve got your groove back.

haha, benmoore. Really funny…but the problem with the one-rep max predictors is that they assume I have some sort of flat bench info to plug in. I only have close grip and incline…which don’t directly translate to a regular flat bench. This site is full of really knowledgeable lifters so I went for the easy answer.

Hanley: Thanks for your reply. I’m starting up a 5k training program so I think my strength has about reached its peak for the year. That’s a big reason why I have max lifts on my mind right now. Next year when I lift heavy again I will look into 5x5, 3x5, 1x5, 1x3. I think that would be a pretty reliable way of figuring my max safely.

The scary thing about my bench is that I don’t think my flat bench is much better than my incline. If I can max 300 flat I’ll be pumped. Maybe I’ll suprise myself.

Get a good spotter and just find out.

Calculators can get you close but with all the variability between two people who knows until you get under the bar and find out.

It’s not like you’ll get hurt if you make responsible jumps in weight and get a good spotter.