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Transitioning to 5/3/1 - Looking for Critique on My Template

Hey, I just go into 5/3/1 I been training inconsistently for about 5 years on SS, Fierce5, and Stronlifts 5x5. I was never really a fan of those programs always felt I needed more volume, especially on upper body lifts. My goals are both strength and size, but I have a slight bias towards strength. I’m a casual lifter- I do this for general fitness and personal growth/satisfaction so I’m not looking for necessarily a powerlifting approach. This is my Template:
Upper A
Bench Press 3x5/3/1
Pendley Row 3x8
Overhead Press 3x10
Pull Up 3x10
Face Pull 2x8-12
Barbell Curls 2x8-12

Lower A
Squat 3x5/3/1
Romanian Deadlift 3x8
Rack Pull 3x10
Back Extension 3x10
Hip Thrust 2x8-12
Planks 2x8-12

Upper B
Overhead Press 3x5/3/1
Pull Up 3x8
Bench Press 3x10
Pendley Row 3x10
Barbell Shrugs 2x8-12
Skull Crusher 2x8-12

Lower B
Deadlift 3x5/3/1
Front Squat 3x8
Barbell Lunges 3x10
Leg Extension 3x10
Calf Raises 2x8-12
Hanging Knee Raise 2x8-12

I plan on running 2 consecutive cycles before deloading.I’m including FSL (AMRAP), Joker Sets, and Rep PR’s. I positioned my workout in a way that I feel utilize concurrent periodization in a sense. On heavy Squat day, I’ll do low back hypotrophy and Deadlift assistance work. By the time I do heavy Deadlifts I would have recovered from the hypotrophy and assistance work and hopefully, this will make my lifts progress even better.

I just want to make sure everything I’m doing makes sense before I commit to it (this is the first program I “designed” as a now intermediate lifter) and would appreciate feedback and suggestions. I’m following Beyond 5/3/1 closely (in regards to main lift progression and protocol) so I’m mainly asking in regards to my assistance/hypotrophy lifts. Thank you.

All 531 programs (that I know of) have the same main lift progression, which is based on %'s of your training max. I would suggest you fun a tried-and-true template when you start 531.

Where? I don’t see these listed. You just show a main lift progression, then moving on to other exercises.

I would suggest doing this:
Main lift 531 (either with a PR set or just 5’s PRO, which is straight sets of 5 regardless of the week)
Main lift 5x10@FSL weight (or lower as needed).
Assistance: 50-100 of upper push, upper pull, lower/core.

So every workout emphasizes a big lift, but the assistance makes it a full body workout.