Transitioning onto Carbs/Strength Training

If you are bored at work, answer these for me please!

  1. How long does it take your body to stop showing the effects of a transition from low to moderate carb? I.e how much can I reasonably attribute to glycogen/water/food weight?
  2. How does the re inflation of the muscles and body with food/water/carbs/glycogen make your stomach area change? Ive seen a jump in my girth measurements despite a very clean diet and regular strength training.
  3. Could heavy squats and deadlifts have led to an inch increase on my waist measurement in only 3 weeks?

basically my measurements and calculations are telling me that im putting on fat and losing muscle, which is absurd considering my clean diet and the fact that im breaking PRs daily.

So my only theory is that the carbs and strength training are inflating me temporarily!

I know I could look this information up, but im more interested in having a discussion and hearing if other people have similar experiences.

  1. Within a day. It is not uncommon to carry around 2-6lbs more water weight within one day after a transition from low carb to moderate carb.
  2. Possibly, but it’s nothing to worry about, since water weight comes and goes, whereas fat is the thing u should be concerned about.
  3. yes. people can gain an inch around their legs from squats and deadlifts, so why not thighs? Ur erector spinae and abdominals both increase in size with squat/deadlift, so naturally size increases

yeah im not worried about the water weight, im just trying to figure out if it is reasonable to assume that part of my girth growth is water retention and muscle, rather than just all fat.

because if its all fat then it means im alot more sensitive to carbs than i thought i was, because its the only real change in diet (100g of carbs / day → 200-300g /day)

ill re phrase the 1st question as well… what i meant was:

  1. its been three weeks of a gradual increase in carb intake from 100-200-300g /day

At what stage will my body have adapted?

Is it expected to gain a lot of girth (mainly stomach) when carbs are re introduced?

hopefully once the effect of this transition has stabalised, my waist will stop growing!

The body would have reached a threshold for additional water weight in the 2-3 days proceeding the increase in carb.

Thus, if ur waistline is still expanding after 3 weeks, then it can only be due to additional muscle or fat